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Relationship Tips

How To Talk To Your Dream Woman

Whether you are a man or a woman, asking the person you like to go on a date with you could be a very intimidating experience. This is especially true for the guys because the modern society of today still believes that the "first move" should be done by men. However, boys should not be intimidated. Remember that no matter how beautiful she is, she is still human and she will not bite. Of course no matter how much time you spend psyching yourself, it is still likely that you will have butterflies inside your stomach. This is only normal and every man goes through this. In this article, allow me to share with you some helpful tips that you may use as your guide when asking the girl of your dreams on a date.


It is best to keep it simple. Trying to be extravagant when it comes to your proposal could lead to disaster. You will feel awkward and even out of place. When your dream girl realizes this "act", it might lead to rejection. Nothing beats being respectful, straight, and honest. Even though flowery words are wonderful, it might make you or your partner uncomfortable. This is why it is always best to keep everything basic. Be a man and just tell her you like her. Tell her she's attractive and you are interested to get to know her better. Avoid rehearsing too much, being spontaneous will yield to better results. Get some good would you rather questions here!


If you have tried everything and you still cannot muster the courage to talk to the woman you like, handing her a note could be your next best option. This way, you get to choose your words very wisely. If it is your style, writing her a poem could also work. The key to communicating with women is being yourself.


Going on a group date with your dream girl is not a bad idea either. Although it may be a bit sneaky, inviting the woman you like to go out with a mixed group of friends is the perfect way to get to know her better without putting so much pressure on yourself. If you are successful in making a connection, asking her out for the second time will not be a problem. Know some would you rather questions here!


If you are already friends with your dream girl, try replacing the word "date" with "hanging out". This would enable you to be more comfortable while exploring your boundaries.


Use this article as your guide and you will be talking/ dating your dream woman in no time.