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Communication and Business

Business involves buying and selling of goods and services. Services are the intangible things while goods, on the other hand, are the tangible things. The business also involves communication between workers and customers. This is will also entail communication between the manager and the staffs. Without communication, a business cannot flourish.


There are many methods of communication. Most of these methods have been brought about by technology. The communication sector has devised many channels of communication. Examples of such methods include the use of text messages, direct call via cell phones, emails, video, and pictures. All these have led to an efficient communication between people.


The fundamental purpose of any business is making a profit. This profit can only be made by having a structured form of management that will lead to an effective communication. The buyer's journey starts from effective communication. Customers must be treated well through communication and through adequate service delivery. A business can communicate to its customers through various ways. These methods are categorized into three, oral, written, or mailed form. The oral form may include one on one or through a direct call. The direct call may entail the use of telephones and cell phones. Written form may include text messages and through emails.


A business must communicate to its customers effectively. A business must put into consideration some elements to ensure effective communication with customers. An information should be well structured. This may be seen in mailing and text messages. A well-structured information is supposed to have an opening remark, its brief content, and a conclusion. Learn some good questions to ask a girl here!


This will ensure an efficient communication between the company and its customers. Communication should be simple and precise. It should be brief. A brief communication is short and its is not tiresome when reading. For example in the case of mailing. Information should be comprehensive and persuasive. An information should be presented in a manner that is comprehensible to the customers. Also, the information given should be persuasive. The purpose of a business is to win customers hence the language used should be a persuasive one.


Communication should be polite and courteous. Polite language should be used when addressing customers. Courtesy should be also embraced when interacting with customers. Communication should lack biases. Biases and prejudice in communication may lead to confusion. During an interview, etiquette should be embraced. This may include body language like maintaining direct eye contact. An effective communication will remain to be a hallmark of success in a business. Get the 100 best would you rather questions you can ever ask someone here!